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At Locker Room Sports, we believe in the importance of leading a life of health and wellness by incorporating exercise, sports, physical activities into your daily routine, hence SPORTS LIFESTYLE.

We want you to focus on your game, on your performance, on your strategy, on your team, on your opponent and not having to worry about the thread that is coming lose on the hem of your shirt, the sweat that is weighing you down, the fabric that is itching your body or that your shoes are hurting your feet, that is why we bring you high quality and performance sports apparel, gear and accessories so that you have less to worry about and focus on what is really important. We want you to perform at your optimal and Win.

Locker Room Sports was co-founded by David Shirley and Stephen Shirley in 1998, headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. We specializes in Team sales and special projects to aid the development of sports in Jamaica. We have been supplying Team wear to some of the top sporting bodies and schools in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

We have supplied teams with uniforms (Jersey, shorts and socks), footwear (football boots, athletic shoes) and accessories (Balls, bags, medical support). We have supplied  and sponsored teams in the National Premier League, The ISSA School Boy Competitions, The JISA Preparatory Schools Competition, The Business House Football Competitions and several other leagues and sporting events.

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